Teknion is an innovative global manufacturer of commercial office furniture products. We are leaders striving for environmental change and improvements. Our future, a continued commitment towards the evaluation/elimination of toxicity of materials in our products. The Living Building Challenge have guided our efforts to address red list materials and we offer a number of DECLARE labels.
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For over 200 years, Valspar has been a leader in the art and science of coatings that excel in beauty, sustainability and function. Valspar believes in protecting buildings and making sure your vision lasts for years to come. We also believe it is our responsibility to protect future generations. That is why we’re introducing Fluropon® Pure, part of our 70% PVDF Fluropon family of coatings. With reduced hazardous materials, Fluropon Pure is the first of its kind in the coil and extrusion coating industry. Appropriate for metal roofing and wall panels, curtain wall, and window and door frames.